The Secrets That We Keep

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But its well worth the journey. Anabella was at the core and the center of all of this. She went through such tragedies regarding her family. And the "huge secret" that's she's keeping hidden, isn't really all that bad like your alluded to think. It was such momentum built up in the beginning of the book like she's holding this huge, big, dark secret that will change everything. But then once it comes out considering the circumstances she was in, I don't blame her for doing what she did.

And then Julian. Somewhere along the way around halfway through the book I began to not trust him. I knew something was fishy about him. Lucas I feel like I trusted the most. I feel almost sorry for him in some ways. He truly cares about Anabella. And did all he could to protect her. I just wish things worked out better for him than it did.

Personally i'm not sure if I could get past everything concerning Julian. Some stuff can't be unseen or unheard. And no matter how much you try to justify, I couldn't get past it. Even though he attempts to redeem himself in the end. Sometimes once someone crosses certain lines you never look at them the same.

That's the case with how I feel with Julian. All in all I enjoyed this book a lot! Oct 09, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , california , christmas , chicago , dark , hiding-identity , kidnapping , kindle-read , mafia , photographer. My rating for this is really 4. I normally don't tag anything as a "favorite" unless it's 5 stars, but this is a really good exception.

The book is a standalone and from Annabella's point of view even love the name. There's a lot of mystery around this story and it flat out kept me on the edge of my seat. The chemistry between Bella and her husband, Julian, is palpable. His sudden change in his behavior and not getting his point of view kep My rating for this is really 4.

His sudden change in his behavior and not getting his point of view kept me turning the pages to find out what in the heck is going on! If I had been in her shoes I would have totally called him out on it and asked if he was having an affair. What's keeping me from giving it a full 5 stars? I was baffled towards the end about her priorities. He's been looking for her for 6 years and even asked her own husband to do it, so I'd say the guy is pretty committed. I mean he's the hired killer, even though he tells her he loves her and did mean to marry her because he loves her which is a whole other big coincidence for Chicago.

But that's not what's truly bothering her. And all of this is her immediate reaction, because she's on a plane less than 24 hours later. Also, how much was she trying to hide if her pictures were being published all over the country and her husband easily found her. This will sound contradictory, but the end was drawn out but so much seemed summarized.

Her friend Michelle's situation. Horrific and kind of glossed over like well, it's a bit on her for being in that situation. But up until that point - this book was incredible. I love how the author built the suspense and developed Bella and Julian. I also really liked how there were some pseudonyms thrown around that kept you in the know as to the overall story, but you weren't sure who they were. Aug 03, Audrey rated it really liked it Shelves: suspense-romance. I was hooked by the first page and I really enjoy the writing style. Half way through the book i was wondering where the story will take me.

It made me second guess everyone and keeps me in suspense. Once the secret was out I started to get annoyed with Anabelle and how the story goes. It just made me slightly lost interest. But other than that, I enjoyed reading this one and love both Lucas and Julian. Aug 05, Yanet rated it really liked it. I receive this book as a gift and I like it. It was a fast read with mystery and secrets. Annabelle is marry to Julian but, she have's a secret that she wants to take to the grave.

Unfortunately, secrets never go alway, they only hide until revealed. Once revealed, you can only hope your life won't be completely ruin. If you want something to read than buy this book. Jan 03, Jengriego rated it it was amazing. Great storyline. I loved the twists and turns. I wasn't sure where this was going, and loved being on the edge of my seat! Also, there's some hot scenes in there. Can't go wrong with suspense and sex! Mar 16, Shanice added it Shelves: dnf. Feb 05, Iza rated it it was amazing. The first thing that caught my eyes was the cover.

The second thing was the blurb. But what kept me glued to my kindle was the story itself. We see from the very beginning that Julian and Annabella have a happy marriage, still in the honeymoon stage. I have to say, I was smitten with Julian from the very first scene, where he was sitting on a chair, outside on the back porch and smoking. This may put off some people, but not me. The way he was described made me melt in my seat.

The Secrets that We Keep

But it's also clear The first thing that caught my eyes was the cover. But it's also clear that it's going to be a book that keeps me on my toes. And keep me on my toes, it did. I was pulled in, from the very first pages, until the end. I read it in one sitting. I can't remember the last time I did that with a book. It was getting late, but I couldn't put it down. I didn't want to. I wanted to know why Julian was acting strange, all of a sudden, and what Annabella's secret was.

We get teased a lot - hence, why it drove me crazy - and I was feeling so many things! I either wanted to melt because of Julian - he's a dirty talker, ladies - or I was cursing him. I honestly lost count of the times I said, "Damn it, Julian. The man was driving me crazy. Both good and bad ways. And then, there was a boom that stunned me stupid, and of course that I had to find out if THAT was true or not. I'm ashamed to admit that I doubted my poor Julian.

Yes, he's certainly made it onto my BBF list. Second place, along with three others. Don't judge, we're all book sluts. In my darkest moments it is your light that guides me to see. Lucky woman. I know I'm two years late to the party, but this has to be the best book I've read this year, so far. It has made it onto my Best of list. Yes, I know we're in February. Read the book and you'll see. Feb 11, Holly Michelle rated it really liked it.

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I am not sure where to even start. This type of book isn't my typical read, but the synopsis intrigued me, so I had to read it. From the start I was pulled into this huge mystery as to what exactly this secret was. The way the book is written you wanted to know, you had to know what it was. Everyone in the book was sneaky.

I think that added to the mystery of what was going on. Lots of twists would spring up just when you thought you had the puzzle of the questions put together. I enjoyed this book I am not sure where to even start. I enjoyed this book and read it in one day. I couldn't stop reading. I had to know, I needed answers. I loved the characters. They all had great personalities and worked well together.

The secrets that we keep - Feeling overexposed and hollow inside - Lonely when you are not alone

The plot was different and I loved it. I hope the book will have a spin off with a secondary character. Jun 16, Sue Stewart rated it it was amazing. I could not put this book down - the suspense was killing me! Great character development and suspenseful build until all the secrets are revealed is just captivating!!

The Secrets That We Keep

It was romantic and fun and sexy and I cried a lot of tears! Amazing Epilogue! My first book by Is I could not put this book down - the suspense was killing me! My first book by Isabel Lucero and I look forward to reading more! If you like romantic suspense - you really need to read this! Apr 15, Beth Evant rated it really liked it. This book was a pleasant surprise. It is a romance, thriller, mystery all rolled into one. Wow, the author did a great job. Annabella has a secret that she will do anything to keep. Her husband, Julian is an FBI investigator, and she especially wants to keep the secret from him.

Her family is dead and Julian is all that she has. They have a perfect relationship. Well,that is what we think. Julian is hiding somethings too. When things come to light, Annabella is unsure what to do. I do not want t This book was a pleasant surprise. What was I still trying to preserve? Sign up. But that, too, turned out to be a lie, and again, by accident, I found out they were still dating.

All The Secrets That We Keep

When Isabel isn't on mommy duty or writing her next book, she can be found reading, or in the nearest Target buying things she doesn't need. Her friend Michelle's situation. Featured Book No other form of art can capture the range and diversity of human experience the way a poem can. I couldn't stop reading. When the elevator finally reached level 20 Clarke felt herself release a heavy breath.

Neither of my parents knew he existed because I kept my life a secret, just as my dad was doing. My roommate came home after my mom went to bed, and as we sat on the couch watching a movie, I told her, in hushed tones, that I was thinking of texting him.

At around 10 pm, I sent the text. Later that night, in his hotel room, I mentioned that my mom was visiting and currently sleeping in my bedroom. I would have said the same to my dad, and in many ways, I was acting just like him, keeping the details of my life hidden from my family. When I finally arrived back at my apartment, my mom was chasing my cat around with a feather stick, trying to get her to play and clearly antsy for me to arrive home.

The cognitive dissonance in that moment was alarming, but I put the previous night and morning out of my head as we walked around Central Park that afternoon. A few years back, my younger brother and I had a conversation about the secrets we keep from our parents. He spoke of a desire to come clean entirely.

Though he kept secrets, the stakes always seemed lower for him. My mom grew up in Egypt, and my dad came to America at the age of 7. They divorced by the time I turned 4. One day when I was in second grade, my dad was supposed to pick me up from school. My parents both worked, so I was in the after-school program. At a certain point, I was the last child left waiting, afraid my dad had forgotten about me entirely. The after-school teachers stuck around, past the time they were supposed to, I assume, and I tried not to cry.

Eventually, my dad showed up.

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He apologized for being late and drove me home to the apartment I shared with my mom, where we waited and watched TV until she arrived. Maybe the school called her. Maybe he told her. They went into the bedroom and left me alone in the living room, but I could hear them arguing. We were Muslim. He denied the accusation. Now, as an adult, I know that my dad did drink in his 20s and 30s, after he divorced my mom. I learned it from another member of the family.

He claims to be religious and pious, refusing to admit to any past transgressions. In my case, this is a combination of both cultural upbringing and religion. My parents grew up with Arab, Islamic values that they expect me to uphold to a certain degree.

However, from the looks of it, neither my father nor I have managed to uphold these values. I balked at that answer. Is that Islamically sound, do you think?

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He was referring to my anger at learning of the relationship in the first place — learning that she was so close in age to me.