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Walk down and go through the left door. Talk to the mechanical girl H. Remove the cap and pour the liquid on the left page. Note the equation J. Go through the fireplace to access the secret room. Examine the mobile and use your puppet helper on it O. Go through the left door.

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Return to the secret room. Zoom into the clock and turn the hands to Repeat the melody on the piano. Solving this puzzle activates a HOP; play it. Move the curtains; take the ball and the giraffe K.

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Open the egg and take the ring L. Open the pouch and take the hairpin M. Place the lens N in the glasses O and take the glasses. Take the red wire O1. You will receive the WIRE.

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Pull the lever twice and exit the tram once it stops 2. Go towards the house. Take a closer look at the door C1. Walk down and go forward on the left. Zoom into the fish and use the SAW on it E. Go towards the lighthouse. Touch the rocks and then zoom into them. Zoom into the box and use your puppet helper on it L. Zoom into the ground; take the FLY M. Zoom into the chest; insert the FLY into the slot S. Select the arrows on each cannon to move the rods up and down. Make a clear path so the cannon can shoot at each one of the four targets.

Go forward on the right. Take the BAG P. Return to the shack. Examine the crane and place the BAG on the hook S. Pull the handle T. Find the 15 fish in the scene. Open the cabinet door V , move the hat W , and open the chest X remove the mermaid first to retrieve the hidden fish. Return to the beach.

Zoom back into the chest to activate a puzzle. Choose the right combination of tentacles to open the chest. To solve the puzzle, select the buttons in the right order Cut the mesh with the knife Z2 and take the feather Z3. Go into the lighthouse and then down the hatch.

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The solution to this puzzle is random. However, you can follow the steps below to solve the puzzle. The only thing that differs is that the amount of times you press the buttons changes each time, but the order in which the buttons must be selected are always the same. Press D until the green bar on the 2 circle reaches the pink one at the end of the line.

Press C until the blue rings of the 2 circle reach the pink bar inside the circle. Press A until the blue and yellow rings connect inside the 2 circle and the gray capsule moves to the edge of circle 5. Press A until the line that connects the 3 circle and the pink element opens.

Press D until the green bar inside the 3 circle connects with the pink element outside the circle, at the end of the line. Press C until the line that connects the 3 and 5 the circles appears, and the gray capsule moves to the edge of circle 5. Press C until the orange circle moves all the way to the small blue stopper. Press D until the green bar connects with the pink element at the end of the line outside the 4 circle. Press A until the line that connects the 4 and the 5 circle opens, and the gray capsule moves to the edge of circle 5. Press A until the 5 circle opens in line with one of the gray capsules, then press B to move the capsule to the center of circle 5.

Do this for the remaining 3 capsules. Go into the train. Exit to the left and walk down.

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Go down the hatch. Go into the train Q. Chapter 7: The Finale Talk to the mechanical girl S. Place the head V and the arm W on the body; take the big doll W1. Slide the board; take the pear and the word X. Move the item in the trolley and take the monocle Y. Place the barrels on the red spots. Touch the little man, and then select an arrow, to move in that direction. There are 4 rounds to solve. Use the reset button on the side to start over your current round. To solve the puzzle, move the pieces in the order shown on the screenshots. Please note than in round 3D, you will place 2 of the barrels in the same red spot lower left corner.

As you move the barrels, two of them will be on top of each other, go up and then down yellow to move them both as needed.

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When, later, he was in Japan, I was once importuned, and should not have yielded, to give a friend, who was about to visit T6ky5, a note of introduction. Beneath the cover reality fades and colors emerge in place. Covered with his black veil, he stood before the chief magistrate, the council and the representatives, and wrought so deep an impression that the legislative measures of that year were characterized by all the gloom and piety of our earliest ancestral sway. At his right hand rode Edward Randolph, our arch-enemy, that "blasted wretch," as Cotton Mather calls him, who achieved the downfall of our ancient government and was followed with a sensible curse-through life and to his grave. I met my lover for lunch down the street.

When you get to 3E, go back and forth on the barrels yellow as needed until both barrels are in the lower left red spot. Please note that in round 4B and 4D green , two barrels will be on top of each other, go up and then down, or back and forth, as needed to move them both into place. Move the board and take the airship 1. Touch the arm 2 and take the cloth 3. Touch the body parts and take the mechanical arm 4. Remove the panel 5 and move the trolley 6 ; take the bulb 7. Touch the syringe to get the FUEL. Go through the doorway to access the factory Place the wing C on the dragonfly D and take it.

Move the book and take the six-pointed star E. Go through the left door G. Zoom into the crate; take the KEY K. Play the HOS. Place the wing L on the skull M and take the winged skull. Move the cloth and take the spider N. Take the film slide N1. Go through the right door P. Zoom into the screen to receive the code S. Walk down and go through the right door. Zoom into the safe and turn the handle T. Note: the safe will not open until you see the code on the shadow graph. Use the arrows and buttons to move the bars until the blue crystal meets the crystal the beetle is holding. The red buttons with arrows on the left and right, rotate the ring.

Use the arrows in the center of the ring to move the bars in and out of the way.

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To solve the puzzle, please follow these steps: from the start position not shown , press the left button red. Press Ax3, Bx2, Cx1, then press the left button 2 times red. Jx1 and the left button pink. While the enigmas for the lanterns are being devised, Chia Cheng is grieved by a prognostic.

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The foolish girl mislays her handkerchief and arouses mutual thoughts. The gem of Spiritual Perception meets, in a fit of torpor, the two perfect men. A beloved girl is very much loved, but yet craves for more love. Chapter XXX Pao-ch'ai avails herself of the excuse afforded her by a fan to administer a couple of raps. While Ch'un Ling traces, in a absent frame of mind, the outlines of the character Ch'iang, a looker-on appears on the scene.

A wedding proves to be the result of the descent of a unicorn. A depraved son receives heavy blows with a rattan cane. Huang Chin-ying skilfully plaits the plum-blossom-knotted nets. In the Heng Wu Court, the chrysanthemum is, on a certain night, proposed as a subject for verses. The affectionate cousin makes up his mind to sift to the very bottom the story told by old goody Liu.

Old goody Liu gets drunk and falls asleep in the I Hung court. A cold-hearted fellow is prompted by a dread of trouble to betake himself to a strange place. An estimable and refined girl manages, after great exertion, to compose verses at a refined meeting. The pretty girl, fragrant with powder, cuts some meat and eats it. In the Nuan Hsiang village, they compose, in beautiful style, riddles for the spring lanterns.

A stupid doctor employs, in reckless manner, drugs of great strength. Chapter LII The beautiful P'ing Erh endeavours to conceal the loss of the bracelet, made of work as fine as the feelers of a shrimp. The brave Ch'ing Wen mends the down-cloak during her indisposition. In the Jung Kuo mansion, a banquet is given on the evening of the 15th of the first moon. Wang Hsi-feng imitates in jest the dutiful son , by getting herself up in gaudy theatrical clothes. Chapter LV The stupid secondary wife, dame Chao, needlessly loses her temper and insults her own daughter, T'an Ch'un.

The perverse servant-girls are so full of malice that they look down contemptuously on their youthful mistresses. The worthy Pao-ch'ai preserves intact, by the display of a little intelligence, the great reputation enjoyed by the Chia family. Chapter LVI was the last translation published by H.

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