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We seem to end on a breakthrough moment for the voice of the poem, an awakening of empathy that calls into question how we negotiate the complex paths of our shared world. If you like the idea of listening along to a story or poem, why not come along to a Shared Reading group?

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We run groups across the UK, you can find one near you here. Thanks Chris. Your email address will not be published. Post Comment.

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I am Chris, a year-old medically retired lady who lives in Woodstock, On. CA. I have 3 wonderful children a daughter and 2 sons. Also in our family are our. To celebrate National Poetry Day , we asked nine of our brilliant Poetry School tutors for poems with a message to share with the world. And here they all .

I think I need to read it a few more times… It feels as though we are being asked to consider ourselves in relation to beings and think through our wider ideas of ownership - where does it begin and end? But hark to the sunny doves That make my roof the arena of their loves, That gyre about the gable all day long And fill the chimneys with their murmurous song: Our house, they say; and mine, the cat declares And spreads his golden fleece upon the chairs; And mine the dog, and rises stiff with wrath If any alien foot profane the path.

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All clearings promise. Sunrise is good, and fog before sun. Expect nothing always; find your luck slowly.

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Wait out the windfall. Take your good time to learn to read ferns; make like a turtle: downhill toward slow water.


Let's take a look at sample poems from Keats and Browning. June 23, at pm. March 7, at pm. There a man can answer with a sound from true salt The blue dream a gull is. And what kills me is that you know the spouse is probably happy that he enjoyed the plums. Or did, until I saw the sea still leaving— First in red desert country, then in Salt Lake; It must be salt deceives them from themselves.

Instructed by heron, drink the pure silence. Be compassed by wind. If you quiver like aspen trust your quick nature: let your ear teach you which way to listen.

You've come to assume protective color; now colors reform to new shapes in your eye. You've learned by now to wait without waiting; as if it were dusk look into light falling: in deep relief things even out. Be careless of nothing.

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