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Mr Morgan's Last Love, review: 'mawkish fluff'
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The music is by Cole Porter—a songload by the truckload, with the lyrics taking much of the place and time usually devoted to dialogue.

Shepherd, one of the great and grossly underrated comedic performers of the era, seemingly defines the notion of movie charisma in terms of a wink, a glance, a move, a step, an inflection that seems like the total and personal reinvention of the utterly familiar.

Kahn, a true trouper, plays one with a hearty and lived-in flair—and so does the singer-songwriter Del Prete, who takes the unctuousness out of the stereotype of the slick Continental, and Brennan, who takes the vulgarity out of the archetype of the fast-talking, hard-nosed maid and replaces it with modern erotic frankness. Reynolds, crooning into the morning light while standing on the running board of his whizzing car, seems to be having the time of his life.

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Using live performances of the songs—more than a dozen, familiar and less so—as a variety of dialogue, Bogdanovich trims and sculpts their substance to yield a wide range of emotions in high style, from giddiness and exhilaration to disillusionments, regrets, and dangerous longings. One of the great cinematic divides among filmmakers whose inclinations are classical distinguishes the Hitchcockian from the Hawksian. Hitchcock was afraid of the power of women; Hawks celebrated it.

Hitchcock was excited by dress-up games while seeing them as adornments of an inner naked self, a confessional self. Bogdanovich displays no nostalgia for the nineteen-thirties or for classic-era Hollywood movies, but shows how pop archetypes can be revived and revised for the purpose of aesthetic delight, emotional amplification, and psychological insight.

His film is a high-toned and high-budget model and forerunner of remix culture.

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In , when a young girl in Bohemia asks her teacher, Casanova, a question on his reputation as a seducer and the scale of his conquests "all these women? Each was the first and the last woman for me.

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I was a friend to them all, except for one. Four times and from a distance, this young woman of openly dubious morality catches his eye.

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