Hogs #2: Hog Down (Jim DeFelices HOGS First Gulf War series)

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Hogs 2: Hog Down

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Hogs #2: Hog Down (Jim DeFelice's HOGS First Gulf War series) - Kindle edition by Jim DeFelice. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. If there is any chance at all that BJ is alive, Knowlington, Hog Devil Squadron leader Captain Hogs #2: Hog Down (Jim DeFelice's HOGS First Gulf War series).

Explore Now. Buy As Gift. When his plane is shot down over Iraqi territory, he must call upon a whole different set of skills to survive a brutal desert climate and one determined Iraqi officer. His men are are determined to rescue him.

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Their mission is simple — rescue Major Johnson, and rain death upon anything that gets in the way. Filled with blistering action and gritty authenticity, this is a powerful and exciting tribute to the men and women who flew these hard-working, air-to-ground fighter-bombers. Product Details About the Author.

The series is now being made available in ebook editions for the first time.

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Hogs 5: Target Saddam. After his capture by elite Iraqi forces, Captain Bristol Wong uncovers a brilliant piece of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein may be en route to a small village only a hundred miles behind enemy lines. View Product.