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Just when he has a chance to connect with the beautiful and forbidden Ashlynn, Fin is forced to return to Natatoria, the home of the Mer people, with his family. Just great. If he saves her, he will creates a bond that only death can break. In a refreshingly chaste but passionate romance, Pandos introduces a mermaid story with a sort of role-reversal: this time, the Mer man is hopelessly in love with a human girl.

Some elements of the Mer world were clever — the fact that the Mer people transformed at night and could only be human during the day, for instance; the sealing of a lifelong commitment by a single kiss. Why does she like him? Why does he like her? Fans of tales of mermaids will probably still enjoy this story for its exploration of undersea lore.

New readers to this vein of fantasy may also be interested in the series The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks. He is a perfect gentleman. Violence Battles between Mer people. Your email address will not be published. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Shelves: young-adult-fiction , e-version , i-cannot-tell-you-my-secret , urban-fantasy-paranormal , cliffhanger , love-story-romance , high-expectations , mermaids-underwater-breathers , sequel-no-thank-you.

The beginning of the current mermaid trend in YA fiction and paranormal romance about two years ago consequently made me very happy and alert. In the meantime I have picked up as much disappointing stories as interesting ones. But I am determined to enjoy the wave as long as it lasts. And although I have stopped putting every new merfolk book on my wishlist, I still patiently sift through the debris in order not to miss the rare gem. Yet, I am sure, some other mermaid fans stumbling across the book will decide that they have finally found what they had been looking for.

Ash, Fin and Tatiana live on the shore of Lake Tahoe. She remembers her own parents mumbling something sounding like alcohol-related problems, but she has never breached the subject. Another thing she does prefer not to talk about is her long-standing crush on Fin. Apparently a pity, because for Fin there has ever been only Ashlyn. For Fin and Tatchi are mermaids, who are permitted to live temporarily on land, because their father is guiding a gate in the Lake that leads to their monarchic underwater country.

How will everybody get happy with the right partner, how is Azor going to be defeated and how can Tatchi get to live the human life she longs for? To be fair: From a logical point of view there is nothing wrong with the construct. It is even very believable, because it fits into the pattern of merfolk legends and fairytales. They are either born alpha-mer or made by a willingness to stay with a merfolk partner beta-mer, who really stay second-class citizens. When daylight falls on their tails directly or indirectly via mirrors they morph into legs.

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Simultaneously something happens with the breathing apparatus, too. The most important things are that mer-blood has healing qualities came in handy when mermaids encountered shipwrecks in former times and that a kiss and one kiss only between two mers or a mer and a human mingles the two souls permanently and makes the two persons addicted to each other up to the point that the absence of one makes the other one go crazy.

This explains why sea-faring men encountering mermaids after a storm or a swim went slowly mad, jumped into the waters and drowned or joined their tailed saviours and were never to be seen again. That these mermaids were kissing the poor guys in the first place does not need to always have been an erotic urge. It does not take into account that people change, that people have intellect, something in common or not in common, something to talk about or not to talk about.

It is just some weird chemistry that traps a couple into an iron lock of inescapable bliss. Horrific, don't you agree? As the story progresses the reader is in for a treat of how awful the mating-kiss can turn out. I asked myself what the heck is wrong with that author? As if the question of premarital sex could be of any relevance when two teens are already infinitely bound by magical shackles. In addition the admittedly peculiar question stole into my head if the author thinks that lasting happiness can only occur, when both partners are brain-washed and paranormally forced?

What he says is simply not interesting anymore, his body looks less delicious and she doubts his devotion to her altogether. How convenient, but also how wrong! Another aspect, which constantly annoyed me to pieces, were the two sets of parents. A good girl lying to her parents! That had me seriously wondering if the author is member of a strange religious cult. But faith is rather bluntly pushed at the reader throughout the book anyway.

But since I cannot imagine what glorious things could happen on the last few pages to pull the boat around, and I have read somewhere that the book ends on a huge cliffhanger anyway, I am not going to bother, since it only makes my skin crawl. One more down, how many to go? We will see. Forgive me for not elaborating on the writinng style ecetera. It was not bad, but also not outstanding.

The usual young adult, paranormal fair, you know? View all 23 comments. I feel in a basic review mood, so I'm just going to cover the bullet points. Plus since this is a water type book, I get to put cheesy fishy and water metaphors in my review.

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The protagonist is the girl next door, a head of the swimming team, great family, loyal to best friend, crush on the brother. The male protagonist is also likable enough, strong spirit and strong ties. The best frien I feel in a basic review mood, so I'm just going to cover the bullet points.

The best friend of Ash, and the brother of Fin, is also a typical type - wanting to swim away and escape the ties of what she is. Characters in this one, while nothing exceptional in terms of being different, fit into their trademark roles well enough. Something mystical about their souls mixing or whatever.

This is odd because he ends up promised because of mouth-to-mouth rescue. Any kiss can force a union, including forced kisses. I hate that concept. It cheapens life-long soul mates to me - there should be intent as well. The book is written in first person point of you, with "I", but it is written in two people's points of view. In addition to this, each chapter is divided into the other person's role.

It will say "Ash" or "Fin. The romance is supposed to be a major part but that doesn't swim to the top until toward the end. Too much time to get there as well. It would have been better if more time were focused on Fin since that's where the action played out. It's aimed for YA but I think it reads more for middle school type. Overall it's not a sinker, but it's not a swimmer. Mermaids are fascinating to read about, and the characters work okay, but there's a lot of changes needed to bring this book up to par. An enjoyable YA mermaid story!

Jun 30, Vicki Keire rated it it was amazing. I've seen a lot of mermaid-type books around, some of them with really positive reviews.

I always just kind of looked at them and thought, "Mermaids. Here was a book about my two absolute favorite things in the universe: YA fantasy romance, and the ocean. Insert ear-piercing squeal. See, I love the ocean. I threaten to run away to the ocean like some kids do the circus. Notice I'm using present tense; I'm an adult I've seen a lot of mermaid-type books around, some of them with really positive reviews. Notice I'm using present tense; I'm an adult, and I still make this threat.

Book Review: Everblue (Mer Tales #1) by Brenda Pandos

Sometimes I make good on it, too. It's a good dose of oceanic escape, with romance and magic and other fantastical things. Everblue's land-bound action actually takes place in Lake Tahoe, so the setting was very well done. The underwater setting is beautiful and well-imagined.

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Pandos has constructed a meticulous, detail-oriented world here where plot isn't sacrificed for convenience. I found it to be both imaginative and practical. The author clearly sat down and thought, "Ok, what would it be like to actually live underwater? I have to say that Fin was my favorite, though. The story is told in alternating male-female 1st POV, which was refreshing. The book is long enough to be a full-length novel with a complete story arc of its own, yet it clearly leaves room for its sequel without leaving readers feeling like, "What???

But what next??? View 2 comments. Sep 12, Heather rated it did not like it. Full review on my blog: Book Series Addict Everblue was a disaster for me. I found it as a free Kindle download on Amazon and it has gotten some pretty good reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads - And I have no idea why. The initial worldbuilding was pretty great and in the first ten percent of the book, I was hooked.

The remaining 90 percent of the book, I was confused, annoyed, and constantly wanted to stop reading. The worst aspect of the book, for me, was the characters. Ash, especially, was such a self-centered, rude, whiney bitch. She's rude to her mother, her best school friend, and her little sister.

Fin was no better - he made the stupidest decision, whined all the time.

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I honestly didn't care whether they happily survived their mess or not though I was hoping not. The plot was awkward as well. Ash gets a boyfriend while Fin scopes out the mermaids. I get the why of it, but it was annoying. How am I supposed to be invested in their relationship with that going on? The drama and events that unfold later seems hastily thrown together and unrealistic, as did several other story elements.

I had to force myself to finish reading this one. Jul 05, Carol Oates rated it it was amazing. I finished reading Everblue today. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek and I loved it. Without giving anything away, so much happens in this book. The plot is well thought out, the world building is wonderful and the characters are varied and interesting. Brenda Pandos does a fantastic job of guiding the reader, allowing them to absorb the history and social structure of the Mers within the universe of Everblue without it being overwhelming and distracting from the story. I found myself smili I finished reading Everblue today.

I found myself smiling at some points and at other times holding my breath to get through a scene. At the end of each chapter I couldn't wait to start the next right away. As a result I finished this book much too soon. Everblue is an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys something a little different in YA.

View 1 comment. Oct 29, Phia rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf. I didn't finish this book, and believe me, I tried. Maybe why I felt really bored and detached to the story was because I didn't care for the characters, except maybe Tatiana. She was really the only one with attitude and spunk.

Let's start with As I didn't finish this book, and believe me, I tried. Let's start with Ashlyn. I wouldn't wanna be friends with her. There should be a category Too Boring To Live. She's in the swim team, got nominated for Senior Ball Queen Anything is better than that; even "betrothed" to said mermaid's twin brother, Fin. If I remember correctly. She also fits in the TSTL category. That's about it. So how come TWO not one, but two hot guys get interested in her? Beats me. I have to say, he doesn't think like a guy.

He uses words such as "travesty". That's not real. Oh, another good one: "Thoughts of tangling my hands in her red curls and bringing her lips to mine grappled with my being. His choices of words baffle me. Other matters I have to address: 1. An iPhone party. WTF is that!? Ash's mom and sister. Bipolar much? Her sister goes all snugly with Ash after she had her accident because it raised her "social standing" at school. Who in their right mind uses her sister's accident to become popular? Her mom could seriously be labelled as bipolar.

She says maybe Tatiana's dad has drinking problems and when Ash reminds her of it, she backtracks and denies it. And when Ash had her make-up done, she says teens try to grow up quickly blahblah. Then when Ash's dad intervenes, she says Ash misunderstood and that she shouldn't go for too much make-up because she's already beautiful and all that crap. Don't make her feel worse, you know. Fin's mom. Oh here we go, another bipolar one.

She and Ash's mom should go hang out in a psychologist or something. Tatiana is a perfectly beautiful name. Why do you need to make it sound Lily and Callahan. Just when Fin starts to like Lily a co-mermaid , the author decides Ash should have an accident so they'd magically kiss and get "promised". Oh, way to go. Same thing with Callahan. After the kiss, Ash and Fin don't care about Callahan and Lily anymore.

The kiss. Supposedly when a mermaid kisses someone they're bound for life or something. That's not right, but more so, since that concept has already been used in Fins Are Forever which I enjoyed far more than this one. Misspelled words and wrong grammar. Idk if this is because of the. For example: ".. With the I and a space? Sorry, I'll stop being such a smart-ass now. I just had to. Way to start my Reading Challenge. I can't even.

Aug 12, Roxana rated it it was amazing. I think I fell in love with this book from the very first page - or the minute that Finn was introduced. I enjoyed that the book is narrated by 2 different characters. I feel that it gives it more personality. The world that is created in this book is pretty interesting. I never thought that I would be interested in "Mer People", but Brenda Pandos has definitely succeeded in gaining my interest.

I enjoyed this book very much and am looking forward to reading the second book in this series. Can't I think I fell in love with this book from the very first page - or the minute that Finn was introduced. Can't wait for it. She creates awesome worlds where anything is possible and where you can "insert" yourself into the book.

After reading her books, I tend to find myself thinking about them, picturing them for several days. I can't get them out of my mind. I usually wonder what will happen next. I say, if an author can stir something like that, then they must be pretty good. View all 3 comments. Let's see what we have here - shall we? Jun 17, Once rated it it was amazing. Let's begin with the beautiful cover that just calls your attention.

This is a great example of when a cover will sell the book without opening the book itself. The cover model represents one of the main characters in the book and the water rippling to me represents the Mer people. It just a beautifully design cover with so much depth to it.

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I'm so glad this cover belongs to Everblue because Brenda deserves the best for all her hard work. Everblue is not my first mermaid book that I've read. Eve Let's begin with the beautiful cover that just calls your attention. Everblue is the first Mermaid story I loved though.

I didn't have a doubt in my mind when I pick up Everblue to read that I would not like the story. I knew its was not Brenda's Talisman series but I knew Brenda's writing style and have always love it. Now knowing that I would like the story I didn't expect that I would be blown away by it. Brenda has grown as a writer and her writing shows it.

This was also her first time alternating characters in her writing, and I enjoyed how they transitioned back and forth. All readers will literally dive into Brenda writing and devour Everblue probably in one or two sittings. Then Brenda leaves you animated for the next novel in the series, wanting to know what will happen next. If it wasn't for having her friend Ashlyn would die of boredom.

She is also ready to possibly make a move on Fin, that's Tatiana twin brother. The best friend have decided to seak out a college in Florida and go there and get away from it all. Ashlyn believes that Tatiana Father is a drunk and too strict and has even seen him get somewhat violent. So she understand why Tatiana wants to move away for college. So the girls have their plans all ready and set to go. Well that all changes the day Ashlyn realizes that Tatiana and her family including Fin have disappear without a trace, they didn't say where or why they had to leave or where they went.

They are long gone and Ashlyn donest understand. They have left the family business and house unattended. What about their college plans? Then a few days later Ashlyn sees a older man and younger good looking guy at Ashlyn and Fin's house, she figures out this must be their cousin and uncle. They of course give Ashlyn no explanation for why they are there but Ashlyn finds it strange that she wants to kiss this cousin of Fin's. Until know the only boy she has wanted to kiss is Fin, even though he is Ashlyn sister.

Fin has not open up to Ashlyn because of his family secret that he must keep hidden from any human.

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See Fin and Tatiana are Mer people. Now don't think that the lives of the Mer are perfect. Not at all, Fin and Titiana wantto escape that life of theirs and live on in the human world instead of the water. They must fight against their rules and their King's son to try and go back to land. Fin fears he will never be able to return back to land and it drives his crazy.

That pushes him to sneak out one day at the gate to Lake Tahoe from his world. That's when both Fin and Ashlyn lives will change forever and star a whole chain of events. Seems after all this time Ashlyn might not be saved from his world. If your looking for a well written story and characters that are interesting and unique, then pick up Everblue today. This book is a must have for anyone, any age that reads either YA or Adult. Sep 30, Vicki rated it really liked it Shelves: paint-me-red-challenge. I entered virgin territory when I read this book, as it was my very first mermaid book!

I am SO glad that I read this one. It is so fresh, novel, and anything but banal. I absolutely loved some of the phrases used to describe various things in mer-life. I thought the characters were all adorable and lovable! I also am a fan of more than one POV. Ashlyn is a girl whose best friend's brother just happens to be Ash's crush. Finn pun intended I am sure is definitely a hotty! I mean, come on, blue I entered virgin territory when I read this book, as it was my very first mermaid book! I mean, come on, blue eyes and blonde hair AND a merman! How fun is that?

But there is also Callahan who is a hot, hot baseball player. I have a weakness for baseball players. I can't help myself. I found myself rooting for Finn and Ash to be an item because they seemed to belong together.

Everblue, Book 1 Mer Tales

There is also a bit of mystery when Tatiana and Finn and their family disappear. Ashlyn goes in detective mode to find her best friend. The disappearance is a complete mystery, but the love that Ash has for her friend is very special. Pandos has created a very realistic and believable world of mers and mer-life.

Because this was my first book and I liked it so much, she has created a mer-fin oops, fan of me! Recommendation: Absolutely read this fintastic book! May 28, Rae rated it it was ok Shelves: cliffhanger-ending , fish-people , if-there-is-nothing-better , paranormal-romance , ya , mythology-fail , lousy-pacing , the-sexism-it-burns.

For a book whose target audience is teenage girls, this book really hates women. The female lead, Ash, does nothing but sit and mope for the entire book. She worries about Tatchi and Fin, but does very little to discover what happens to them.

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This girl possesses absolutely no agency. She likes Fin, but sits and waits for him to initiate everything rather than going after him or making any indication of interest. Ash is supposed to be out heroine, yet the only time she moves the plot forward is w For a book whose target audience is teenage girls, this book really hates women. Ash is supposed to be out heroine, yet the only time she moves the plot forward is when she gets in trouble and has to be rescued. Tatchi seems to be the only female character at all who actually has dreams and fights for the future she wants and the book punishes her for it by making her a victim to be rescued in a future book.

All other female characters are vapid and shallow. During the section of the book sent in the merfolk city, it emphasizes at every turn how mermaids can't be left near humans unsupervised, and how frivolous and concerned with baubles and appearance mermaids are. Mermen run everything and make nearly all the decisions for mermaids because apparently they can't be trusted to do anything other than sit around and be pretty.

Apparently we're supposed to believe that the mermaids are content with this and that it's rare for mermaids to show any interest in things outside the city. Fin, our male hero, is where the action is for the whole book. We're fortunate that his is the other POV that the story is told from. He's not a bad protagonist for the most part albeit he spends most of the time reacting to events rather than initiating them.

At least until he gives CPR to Ash view spoiler [which somehow counts as a kiss and dooms them both to magic induced love spell, but we're supposed to be okay with this because they liked each other at least somewhat before the magic came into it. The plot is left to the supporting characters to move things forward, since at that point all the villains are off screen for the most part. It's at this point that the plot really begins to suffer and it felt like all the characterization that the book had built up until that point was thrown away in favor of over the top obsession.

I keep hoping I'll run across a really good book with merfolk in it, and while this book did seem promising in the early chapters I'm sad to say that once again I'm disappointed. View all 5 comments. Jul 21, Ally rated it did not like it. This book was If half stars were a thing, i might have been generous and given it one and a half. But overall, the only thing that kept me reading was the hope that something might actually happen. For most of the book, it switches between Ash and Fins perspectives as theh deal with drama in their respective worlds. Stuff happens, but its all trivial drivel for the majority of the book.

None of the characters have any drive, and the plot is only moved by background characters half the ti This book was None of the characters have any drive, and the plot is only moved by background characters half the time. Once the climax is reached and the temporary 'first book resolution' is reached, Fin and Ash continue to wander around ogling each other as the authors way of conveying where their relationship stands.

No other plot takes place during this, and to be honest i got to the something percent mark before i gave up trying to sift through all the over-sweet, unrealistic lovebird act. These people have been officially together for a day, and they're already planning their lives together. Their attraction seems to be driven by mermaid magic kisses or some shit.

It was honestly painful to read and i seem to remember rolling my eyes a few times. Not to mention, the authors idea of mermaids offers nothing fundamentally new to the whole myth surrounding them. Heck, as far as i could tell, the only interesting thing about these mermaids biologically was probably the fact that their tails have poison barbs and the twins can speak to each other telepathically in water.

Otherwise, it seems the mermaids are your run of the mill, overly colourful sea people with sideways fish tails. It was free and kept me busy for a few hours. If you can look past sexist values and main characters with the personality of a moist tea bag, then you might even enjoy this book. Jun 12, Jaime Two Chicks on Books rated it it was amazing. Let me first start by saying Brenda is a local author so she writes about locations that I know very well in this case it's Lake Tahoe not Natatoria lol and thats why I fall so deeply in love with her stories! I also haven't read a mermaid story since The Little Mermaid so I was very excited to read this.

So Everblue takes place in two locations one on the surface and around Lake Tahoe and the other in a magical realm Natatoria both so different and vivid in their own ways. I could feel the chi Let me first start by saying Brenda is a local author so she writes about locations that I know very well in this case it's Lake Tahoe not Natatoria lol and thats why I fall so deeply in love with her stories! I could feel the chill off the lake and the snow still left around in the the spring setting of the book. I really could visualize the underground worls as well.

Onto the characters Ash is the MC and I loved everything about her she is a swimmer so was I so I could completely relate to her issues with nerves on race day. She is an amazing and loyal friend when Tatchi her best friend and Fin Tatch's brother and the boy she loves go missing she stops at nothing to find them. Tatchi is an adorable character I love the fight she has in her she wants to live her own life not the one dictated by the Mer's in Natatoria.

On to Fin oh sighs whats there to know about Fin? He's a sexy blonde haired blue eyed merman who can even pull off wearing a kilt look sexy. He's also completely in love with Ash you can feel his passion for her burn right of the page! There's also a sexy baseball player named Callahan who stole my heart I absolutely love baseball players if you don't believe me ask my last two boyfriends lol both baseball players. This story had me sucked in on page one and kept me up until 4a. Nov 03, Michelle rated it did not like it Shelves: teen , fantasy , e-books , wish-i-had-not-wasted-the-time.

Ouch, I have to admit that I mostly just skimmed the last half of this book, because it was so painful. The point of view switches between the three main characters, Ash, her best friend Tatchi and her brother Fin, both of whom are mermaids. Ash does not know this and has a major crush on Fin. It all starts when Fin's family is recalled to under the sea, and his dad is sent off on a secret mission. All sorts of drama ensues. Fin is petulant and sulks like a toddler who doesn't get his way.

There Ouch, I have to admit that I mostly just skimmed the last half of this book, because it was so painful. There is the matter of a magical kiss that will link the kisser to the kissee forever. Instead of coming across like an interesting mythology it's more like a brainwash of love, where the people are magically in love, willing to die for their mate even if they hated each other before. The creepy Prince Azor is attempting to force Tatchi to marry him by said magical kiss. Fin's mother is a second class citizen because she used to be human.

Fin breaks rules, gets punished, sulks, dates a mermaid that reminds him of Ash, then the real drama begins. But we're not done yet, oh no, thus my skimming the second half of the book. Even that much was not worth it. Nov 23, Nicole Storey rated it it was ok. This book was recommended to me by Amazon.

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I honestly don't know why. It is true that I love paranormal, dystopian, thrillers, and some fantasy. I guess this book fits into the fantasy genre but it does not read as YA or NA as much as for children The synopsis made it sound much better than the book actually was. The author has a decent grasp of descriptive imagery and the cover art is nice. However, those are the only positive aspects I can list. The writing is too cliche — to the point o This book was recommended to me by Amazon. The writing is too cliche — to the point of being embarrassing. Nothing is believable. I understand this is fantasy, but the best part about reading this genre is to be able to escape to different worlds and go on adventures the author makes us think could actually happen.

Honestly, the writing flips from YA females treated like lesser beings and controlled by the males to a children's book with some of the exclamations made. As for the romance, it actually made me cringe when I read the overly-gushing, irrational, 'I love you. No, I love you more' between two seventeen-year-olds. My nine-year-old acts more mature than that. Needless to say, I won't read any others in this series. May 27, Sharon Mariampillai rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-have , buddy-reads , ya , must-read , fantasy , romance , reads , e-books.

This was an enjoyable read. This is actually my first mermaid book and it did not disappoint. The characters were fun to real, and entertaining. Also, the mer-world and the mer-people were described very well and detailed. I really enjoyed reading about it. Can't wait to see what the next book has in store. Overall, a great read. Jun 26, Katie rated it it was amazing. Incredibly written, filled with good morals and romance, Everblue sets a high precedent for every other book.