Diary of a Dictator

Belarus election diary: "free and fair" elections
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And knowledge of the massive wealth which Marcos has accumulated since he has been in office has only served to stoke the fires of discontent.


And so the inevitable dissident movement, or, more accurately, numerous, splintered dissident movements, began. But even these Marcos used to his advantage. His critics and potential opposition leaders—politicians, journalists, private citizens—have been and continue to be jailed.

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Sporadic incidents of terrorism and skiimishes with the Filipino constabulary have occurred in the past few years. But many Filipinos believe that Marcos perpetuated some of these incidents. Why, they ask, was it members of the opposition party, including several potential Presidential candid dates, who were bombed in August , when it is Marcos and his party members who are being overwhelmingly rejected by the masses?

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Why, they ask, have the bombers never been found? Ferdinand Marcos is acknowledged by even his most ardent critics to be a brilliant man, an unusually canny political manipulator. For several years, talk has been rampant that Marcos would have his wife run for President, rumor which Marcos has never denied. Then, with the advent of the convention to draft a new constitution, Marcos began another maneuver.

Diary of a Dictator by Daniel Dilworth

According to Gentile, the diaries contain "historical errors" and that the authors "seem to have copied various articles from old newspapers", and according to Travaglini "there were too many elements that did not match up". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links.


His reporting triggered government investigations, exposed White House and Pentagon scandals, and prompted reforms of state courts and consumer protection laws. Inside was the diary, along with other sensitive presidential documents, apparently abandoned in the mad scramble to load other valuables - gems, jewelry, cash and gold - into the bellies of two jumbo jetliners. But years later, documents tucked in with Marcos diary pages would prove otherwise. They carried arrest warrants signed by the secretary of national defense. Marcos wrote it himself, without the aid of a stenographer, in longhand and in English on pages of palace stationery.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Italiano Edit links. The diaries begin following a blast by Ninoy Aquino in the Senate on the profligate lifestyle of first lady Imelda Marcos, which led to her loss of her fourth child. Imelda is suffering from pain and from a deep sense of loss and sorrow for the abortion about which I have told her.

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Philippine President and First Lady Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were once so popular they were likened to America’s beautiful and charismatic Jackie and JFK. But Camelot in the Philippines didn’t last long, a victim of the Manila power couple’s towering egos and lust for. There were poems and love notes to First Lady Imelda and the Marcos children interspersed among Ferdinand’s plans for repression and dictatorship. It turns out that while Ferdinand Marcos was lying to the world and to the Philippine people, he was also lying to his own diary.

She feels inadequate and has been crying her eyes out. I have shed no tears for my unborn child, but I have vowed that I shall cure this sick society that has brought about the anguish of my wife, which caused the abortion. For the media has been vicious—it has condemned for a crime not charged, foisted gossip as truth and disregarded the rights of fair and impartial trial.

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And this sick man who has committed perjury, libel and bribery has done me at least one favor. He has opened my eyes to this illness of our society that may yet destroy it.

And my duty and mission is now to cure that illness. Met the media in a TV interview at 8 p. I admitted I was bitter because I had lost a child and this was due to our sick society which I would try to reform within the short time that I had.

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I wrote him through [Information Secretary Francisco] Kits Tatad that neither Imelda nor I intend to run—I because I am disqualified by the Constitution from a third term and Imelda because she has no intention to do so…. Apparently President Macapagal has decided to lay the blame on me for the failure of the convention.


June 8, Wednesday. The plot to assassinate me has been confirmed by one of the co-conspirators paid in advance of P4, This was supposed to take place on Independence Day, June 12th. Imelda and I have been reminiscing in bed—the long tortuous road from Congress to the presidency, the sacrifices, her tears, pain and hard work that went into our struggle for power.

She put purpose into my life—the life of a spoiled bachelor congressman who was also a successful trial lawyer and a hero of the last war who tended to be too carefree and frivolous.

Delusions of a Dictator: The Mind of Marcos as Revealed in His Secret Diaries

T he orientation of the whole article—to focus on his strength as a presidential candidate. The parliamentary form of government won out in the Constitutional Convention against the presidential form of government by a vote of against with three abstentions and about 27 absent…. If this constitutional reform is ratified, the way is open for me to become prime minister.

If it is not ratified, Imelda may have to run for President as there is no other candidate that can win against the Liberals. The Liberals must be agitated now. And so must the senators.